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 Is it necessary for an entrepreneur to have individuals sign an NDA before discussing their business concept?
 Which is the best legal structure for a social enterprise, non-profit or public benefit corporation?

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Is Social Media Worth the Time and Effort for a Startup Entrepreneur?
April 28, 2016

SEEC Debates - Elizabeth Greenberg

Elizabeth Greenberg

SEEC Debates - Ryan Budden

Ryan Budden

Social media has garnered tremendous attention over the past several years. Applications cross numerous platforms and industries including news, politics, entertainment and sports. Among those touting social media as carrying value and utility is the entrepreneurial startup community.

Startup entrepreneurs are most often resource constrained with a heavy limitation on both time and finances. The question arises as to the opportunity cost of investing time and funds to use social media as a major tool for a startup venture. Would targeting this time and funds in other directions be more beneficial and impactful?

Media hype proclaims the necessity to be social media active. Is this reality or just a bubble for startup entrepreneurs? Is social media a sustainable wave or just the next dot-com bust?

Two successful millennial entrepreneurs debate this question as they provide compelling and persuasive positions on this significant topic.