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Social Enterprise Young Talent

Our Vision

To Change the World Through Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Path to Success

Our Mission

SEEC fosters social entrepreneurs helping navigate the path to success at every critical point by providing access to funding, knowledge, opportunity, and networking

Social Enterprise - What is SEEC

What does SEEC do?

∇ Fosters nascent social entrepreneurs

∇ Provides access to funding sources through our virtual accelerator

∇ Provides access knowledge, opportunity, and networking

∇ Facilitates university faculty and staff sharing best practices, exchanging ideas, forming collaborations and developing integrated strategies

∇ Facilitates a social entrepreneurs experts network

∇ Creates opportunities to meet other social entrepreneurs, faculty, staff, students and investors

∇ Encourages the creation of social enterprises

Social Enterprise - Why is this important?

Why is social enterprise important?

There are many social issues: local, regional, national and global that need to be addressed on multiple scales. Traditional non-profit organizations do great work in addressing many of these issues, but it is not uncommon for these organizations to continually struggle for funding.

Government programs also address many social issues; but unfortunately, bureaucracy, inefficiencies and wasteful spending hinder the effectiveness of the programs.

By responding in an entrepreneurial mindset, social enterprises can effectively resolve social issues while creating a self-sustainable funding model and also avoid the pitfalls of government driven programs.

It is with this thought in mind that SEEC will provide assistance and guidance to social entrepreneurs as they pursue their passions and dreams to change the world positively.

We are up to the challenge! Are you?